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” and “don’t take no for an answer” and “if you want something, you have to fight for it”–even if that something happens to be a some. Our daughters are not a prize to be chased down or an obstacle to be surmounted. And anyone climbing up to the top of their mountains of “no’s” is not a romantic hero, he’s just some creep who won’t stop harassing her.Young women aren’t vending machines who just need to be shaken to make a stuck “Yes, I love you now! This video’s is something we cannot put out into the cultural ether enough.I know we play as Kirito despite making our own character and renaming them, which I don't mind.But I didn't know that he and Asuna actually married and were lovers and dating and stuff, which again I don't mind.We have movies like that suggest what “no” really means is “chase me, I’m playing hard to get.” We have the cultural expectation that men are somehow entitled to attention from girls and women, whether that’s demanding smiles from them on the subway or making them turn down a request for a date time after time after time.

The conversations imply that in his mind, anyone except Asuna is seen in a friendly manner, nothing more.

At least I'm lead to believe Leafy is his cousin as he literally says this.) and whatnot?

Or does something happen where Asuna and he split up or lose their memories or whatever while in SAOrigins?

So..it's a "pick whoever you want", but in the very end the story decides to disagree with that notion just for the sake of it.

Judith Martin, popularly known by her pseudonym Miss Manners, is an American author, journalist and etiquette authority, famous for scripting the ‘Miss Manners’ series of novels.

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